The Best Full House in Poker


Hello poker lovers! You might all be aware of all the high ranking poker hands which are tougher to come up to a player.

But we have a great trivia question for you about the one of the high-ranking poker hands which will sure to stump even your most serious poker-playing opponents.

You know the Full House hand in real money poker game. Hence, our question to you, what is the best combination of cards in Full House?

Okay, we know you are bursting to respond to the question. And yes you are right! But let PokerLion answer on behalf of you and to the newly intrigued players of poker world. If you are a new player you might be confused about the hand rankings and we do not wish our players to be confused prior to their game sessions.

Thus, the first thing first! What is a Full House poker hand ranking?

In the poker hand rankings, a Full House stands fourth on the list. It includes 3 same ranked cards paired with two same ranked cards. To be precise, it is Three-of-a-Kind hand matched with a pair.

How Does a Full House Hand Rank?

In a 52-card deck, there are 3,744 possible Full House hand combos and 156 different ranks of Full Houses.

Full Houses are said to be “aces full” or “jacks full” etc., anchored in the first three cards of the hand.

In this hand ranking, an online poker player needs to remember that it’s the rank which is the most crucial. Aces Full will always beat Kings Full, and Kings Over will always beat Queens Over, and so on.

Okay, we know you are waiting for the answer of our root topic. The best Full House hand is Aces full of Kings:


In this hand ranking, it’s the rank or the denomination which is most vital. For example, Aces full of Kings is a Full House hand which beats any of the lower ranked Houses, such as Aces full of Jacks, Kings full of Aces and so on.

Let’s explore in some of the other examples of this kind of hand rankings:




Now you know what a Full House hand ranking in the online poker is and you know which one is the best Full House. But don’t hope that you will get this best and high card hand ranking as soon as you begin your game.

Keep on practicing and playing poker online game! Good luck!