What Does a Poker Avatar Denotes About You?

pokerdeal_pokerlion_blog_img_What Does a Poker Avatar Denotes About You?

When playing online poker, you must have gone through the list poker avatars offer to you to choose. A player can choose a funny poker picture, a cartoon caricature or real photo to represent you at the online poker tables.  

Most poker players enjoy selecting and changing up their poker avatars. But do you know that a quick scan of your opponent’s avatars can give you a good image before the cards are even dealt? 

You can tell a lot about your competitor’s personality based on their avatar. And the poker avatar you opt for yourself can also affect how your competitors play against you. Recent studies even suggest that the avatar you play with can subconsciously affect your decision making process enough to change your poker online style and game play! 

So buckle up for the nitty-gritty on poker avatar pictures and how you can take benefit of them to win the pot! 

What secrets can a poker avatar reveal about your opponent? 

When you meet a person for the first time, you size them up, either consciously or subconsciously, based on their appearance. Even before they have a chance to speak, your past experience will suggest that someone who dresses in a suit is more business savvy, while someone with long flowing hair and a nose ring might prefer to talk about music. In many cases, these assumptions might prove wrong, but on the whole, this is your gut, intuition and experience kicking in on the most basic, intuitive level. It’s a basic brain function called ‘cognitive prediction’ and most researchers believe it developed as primeval survival mechanism. 

In the online poker world, you can’t size up your opponents by their look, but their poker avatar can be a fairly consistent substitute. In fact, it can frequently tell you far more about their game play than their real life clothes would have! Their avatar is the representation they have chosen from the entire world of images available either online or offline. It’s not a ‘virtual agent,’ which is an image assigned to them or chosen from a limited range of pictures offered by the website. Their poker avatar is totally their selection, it’s their delegate, and this is how they prefer to emerge to their online poker competitors. 

So whoever your opponent is or whatever they are doing, their poker avatar is the ‘face’ they want to be known by when playing at the poker tables. They could be wearing 2nd hand Retro clothes or designer suits, sitting in a cafe at breakfast time eating sandwiches or playing late at night in their night dresses. Their poker avatar won’t change with their clothes – it will remain the same. 

Happy playing!