Using Your Poker Table Image to Your Advantage

pokerdeal_pokerlion_blog_img_Using Your Poker Table Image to Your Advantage

“Image” is how you project yourself to other people or, from their perspective, how they see you. Poker table image is what other players see when they play poker against you. Having an image and making use of this is something most people fail to realize.

Using Your Poker Table Image to Your Advantage

The key to poker table image is to make your opponents see what you want to see. The slogan you must keep in mind is, “Confusion to thy enemies”?

If your temperament is to play as a loose player, make them think that is how you play all the time. When you get a premium hand, play it as if you have a weak hand, which will confuse the other players when the hand is played out.

If you are a tight player, turn your plays to your benefit. Allow the others to think you have picked up a good hand by betting pre-flop. If you win the blinds, act pleased and if you are called, don’t be dejected. A follow-up bet on the flop will make it difficult for a good player to call. If the flop turns out big (i.e., ace, king, knave), your opponents will most probably assume that you have a hit and fold. If the flop comes out low and your weak hand hits, it may turn out even better as they will think you have an even larger hand.

Aggressive Playing As An Advantage

Being aggressive has its own worth, and aggressive players must use this to their advantage. Aggressive players often anger their opponents. This can be frustrating (to them) and makes them play stubborn: instead of folding their weak hands, they may just be annoyed enough that they will call rather than fold.

Play your hand aggressively and take them up on the challenge: call, call and call again.

Mucks and Nuts

Most online poker rooms provide players with the option to show or muck , use this to your advantage.

If you have the winning hand, muck it. If you’ve got a nut hand, make them pay if they want to see it. Simply showing the winning hand gives free information to the other players. It will give them the confidence of knowing they made the correct play and they will play accordingly. Keeping ones hand to oneself confuses your opponents and makes them doubt their own game.

The Art of the Bluff

Show the bluff every once in a while. There is nothing more upsetting to a player than knowing that they folded with a winning hand. This will demoralize them &  they will question every play they make, especially when they are playing against you. The next time they encounter you, they will think you are trying to bluff them again and when you show them the nuts, it will only annoy and confuse them more.

Playing In a Live Game

The ability to show only one card in a live game can be used to your benefit. Showing a low card (such as a deuce) and mucking your other card can often confuse the other players. Keep in mind, however, that experienced players can quickly catch on to you and counter your moves; as such, it may be best to go back to mucking your cards.

Poker as a Mind Game

The most important lesson to remember is that poker is a mind game and your poker table image is an important tool in the arsenal. Reading this article should give you an idea about how to maintain and manipulate your poker table image to your advantage.