Three Card Poker – Beginner’s Guide

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Three card poker is one of the ancient games in the world with its origins tracing back to medieval china.All three card poker tables offer two games: ‘pair plus and ante’ and ‘play’ which are marked on the table in front of each seat, and players can choose to play poker either of the games.

Playing Three Card Poker for Beginners – Pair Plus

This is the simplest of the two, Three Card Poker games. Before being dealt a hand, the player places a bet in the space marked ‘pair plus’ on the poker table. The dealer then deals three cards to the player, and the player checks these cards.

If the player holds a winning hand this is rated on the pay table, and the player’s return is paid out accordingly. Although the dealer has also dealt cards, which are used to play against other hands or the ante and play bets, the dealer’s hand has no effect on the outcome of a Pair Plus game, which is often favoured by players wishing to hedge their ante and play bets, or to take advantage of the higher odds paid out on winning hands.

Playing Three Card Poker for Beginners – Ante and Play

To play ante and play, a player must place an ante or opening bet on the table. The dealer then deals three cards. Once the cards are dealt the player has the opportunity to check the cards for a hand.

If the player is satisfied with the hand, a further bet can be placed. The dealer’s cards are then shown to the player and the stronger hand wins. To qualify for a hand, the dealer must show at least one queen or higher. If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s bet is returned and the ante is paid out 1:1.

If the dealer’s hand beats that of the player, the player gives up both bet and ante. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s the player’s bet and ante are both paid out 1:1. If both dealer and player’s hands are of equal value, the player’s bet and ante are refunded.