The Role of Kill Pots in Poker

pokerdeal_pokerlion_bl;og_img_The Role of Kill Pots in Poker

Kill pots form an essential part of live & online poker game. The phrase to ‘kill a pot’ basically signifies the act of putting an over blind that serves the purpose of raising the limit of betting allowed. A kill is basically used in the event when a player wants to be included into the game right away instead of following the conventional path and awaiting a chance to receive the major blind. There are a number of kinds of kills in poker. The term ‘half kill’ refers to raising the betting limit by one and a half portions of its actual size. That is, the betting limit is increased to one and a half times more than its original size. When a player is said to have made a ‘full kill’ it means that the amount of the bet is increased to double its size, that is, the kill is twice the size of the amount in the pot that was set as the original bet. Placing a kill in the game is not mandatory. It is an optional move that is made at the behest of the player and can occur anytime during the length of the game, depending upon the need for it. In games which involve a high-low split, if a player wins a pot amount that is higher than the decreed size, he or she is obliged to kill the next pot that occurs in the game. During such games a “kill button” is used. A “kill button” can be understood to be an indicator used for representing the player who gains a victory over the others by bagging the pot. This “kill button” is kept with the particular player until the closure of the hand, and for example at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas you’ll see it out quite often. There are some cases in which the player in possession of the “kill button” goes on to win the pot in the following round as well. If this is the case the player continues to hold the kill button provided it fits into the financial capabilities of the person, and then the player is expected to kill the consecutive pot as well.

There are a number of rules governing the role and use of kill pots in poker. One of these rules states that under certain conditions, the kill button itself is a neutral device that is not the specific possession of any one player. This rule is valid provided that the button is being used in the initial hand of a game that is only just beginning or if the person who won the kill button in a round prior to the current one has folded his hand and chosen to leave the game or if one of the prior rounds of the game there was no particular winner and the pot itself was divided up amongst the players. Under the prevalence of these three situations, the kill button is treated as a property of the establishment and not a player, and can be won and claimed by the players in the subsequent course of the game.