The Art of Lingering at Texas Holdem Poker

pokerdeal_pokerlion_blog_img_The Art of Lingering at Texas Holdem Poker

There you are, sitting in the Texas Holdem poker tournament as a short stack with the increasing blinds being your enemy. In order to survive and wind up further in the tourney, you have only one option…lingering. When mixed in with a little luck, the following suggestions can help you survive linger mode and rebuild to a contending chip stack at online poker table.

Make a late position push

So the blinds just passed you buy, and you got bullied worse than a ginger kid in a schoolyard. This is the ideal time to make a push. If all hands before you are folded and you are sitting in late position with a marginal-to-solid hand, then this is an opportune time to go over the top. The odds are very likely that the remaining players will not wake up with a legitimate hand to call an all in. Blinds are officially stolen, and you have just increased your chip stack dramatically without sweating the board. Also, if there is a call on your late position all-in, then you are almost sure to be entering the flop as a 60/40 underdog. Hey, life sucks as a short stack, and a 40/60 isolation is a great option for you at this time.

Isolate against the aggressive player

The best thing to do in any tournament is to study the table and recognize tendencies. Attempt to figure out who is playing tight versus aggressive. The information you gather early on is what could save you if or when you become the short stack. The ideal victim to exploit as a short stack is the overly aggressive guy. Most tables have this type of player, where they like to raise preflop in order to steal some blinds. If you wind up with hole cards that should be two lives, for example suited connectors, then this would be a great time to do a little gambling. The price gives you the best option in getting back in the tournament, where you will be isolated against a loose cannon and able to add in the blinds if you win the hand.

Don’t get cute

Being cute may work for a girl who wants free drinks, but you’re the short stack. There is nothing cute in your position, so now isn’t the time to attempt anything. If you get a solid hand, then push. You are the short stack, and the table is hovering over you like vultures. Chances are you will be getting called in an ideal situation, as a favorite. By getting cute and disguising your hand, you are risking hands coming into the pot that generally should not be involved. Too many hands will turn your favorite into another marginal hand. Isolate with the push and hope that it holds up.