Texas Hold’em Strategy: Float play

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Float play is an advanced poker bluffing technique used in Texas Hold’em poker. Float play involves calling another player’s bet during the flop and then betting when checked during the turn so you can win before seeing the the river.

This is an effective poker technique for advanced players since opponents expect them to do a continuation bet upon the flop regardless if their cards get better or not. Other players will most likely bet and hope that you did not get anything out of the flop. Calling this bet will actually set some alarm bells in your opponents’ heads since they might think that you are slowplaying good cards. Most players will then check upon the turn and then what you will do is make a big bet to win the pot.

The float play is an excellent protection if you feel like another player is making continuation bets. Remember though that it is not just for this.

If you want to make good use of the float play, you should remember two things. First, you must be taking action after your opponent. Second, this should be done during a heads up with an opponent.

Float plays are also possible even when you are not in position but this technique is too advanced and is not often recommended by the experts of the game. When you are in position, you can still spot for any weakness of the other player after. You are also able to carefully assess the situation and fold your hand if the opponent makes a strong bet on the turn or be strong to take the pot when they just check.

As much as possible, never do float play poker against multiple players. This is most effective when you are in position and during a heads up.