Texas Holdem Language – What It Means When You Say

pokerdeal_blog_img_Texas Holdem Language – What It Means When You Say

You surely have heard phrases like slow play, rail birds and others. Surely you have checked with our Poker Glossary – and have not found the following:

Slow playing in Texas Holdem Poker is when you make a hand and decide to “lay in the weeds” and hide the strength of your hand. By doing this you can allow your competitors to put money into pots with lesser hands, and sometimes can get more value for your hands. Caution when slow playing, you may allow the other players to catch up with you and they might beat you in the end. Basically slow playing is when you check with a great hand and allow your competitors to bet into you, and it is a common strategy in No Limit Texas Holdem.

Slow Role

Slow rolling is an ethical problem that exists in Texas Holdem Poker. If you get called out for slow rolling, you are being criticized for showing up your opponents. Slow rolling is when the hand is over and you delay in flipping up your hole cards when you have a great hand, winning hand. Don’t do this, showing up your opponents will give you a negative image at the table. If you have the best hand, turn it up and let the players know that you won the pot, to avoid embarrassing your opponents. In my opinion slow rolling should be a penalty in Texas Holdem and I suggest no one should do it.

The Nuts

When you have the nuts, you have the best hand possible at that time. Making the nuts, will make Texas Holdem a lot easier, there is no better feeling then knowing you can’t be beat. The nuts can change on every street, you might have the nuts on the flop, but the turn could make it possible for someone else to have a better hand. An example : The community cards are Ad – Ah – 10d – 5d- Qd, What is the nuts? You would have the nuts if you had a King – Jack of diamonds for a Royal Flush.

Card Rush

Card Rushes are when every time you look down at your hand you seem to have a big cards. Card rushes can last for a few hands or on great days can last for hours. Ride out these card rushes and make some money when you can. Don’t get married to your card rushes they will come to an end and there is such a thing as a negative card rush. A negative card rush is when you are getting big pre flop hands, but can never seem to make a hand. An example of negative card rushes are when you pick up pocket kings and raise and on the flop there is always an ace that beats you.

Family Pot

When all players at the table are playing in the same hand.

Limping In

Calling pre flop instead of folding or raising the big blind.

Rail Birds

A rail bird is a person watching the game and is usually used as a negative comment. A lot of times rail birds will make inappropriate comments and might effect the game when they have no business getting involved.

Sharks and Fish

These are terms that you will hear people called at a online poker table. A fish is a person that is leaking money a weaker player that other players will pick on. Obviously the shark is a strong player who will feast on the fish at the table. Basically don’t be the fish, play in games where you are a Shark instead. If you get called one of these terms use it to your advantage and exploit the table image that you have created for yourself.

Under the Gun

When you are under the gun, you are the first person to act pre flop. This player will be to the left of the big blind and is commonly the worst position at a poker table. Playing under the gun can be tricky, but you can get control of the pot immediately if you raise.

Coolers and Cold Decks

These are ways to complain about the cards and your luck. If the deck is cold or you hit a cooler, it seems as if “the poker gods” are against you. You could be making big hands and losing or starting big and getting no where in the hand. An Example: You start the hand with pocket aces (Ad – Ah) and the flop comes Ac – 10c – Jh, perfect you flopped your set bet out and get one caller. The turn isn’t a problem a 5d, and you bet and get another call. When the river comes Kc you have hit your cooler now your opponent might have made a flush or straight and you are probably beat. This can have one of two effects, one it could just slow the action and you still win with the best hand. Two your opponent made there hand and you will be forced to make a decision at the showdown.

This is hardly scratching the surface of language you might hear at a Texas Holdem table. Learning some of these terms can make your time at the poker table more comfortable and show the other players that you know what you are doing.