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Instructions to Deal Poker in 5 Easy Steps

While going to “dealer school” will give all of you information you need for how to deal poker and other table games, how about we go well ordered over how to deal at poker. With this straightforward guide, you can promptly begin to deal correctly and with certainty at any home game, in the event that you so pick.

While the focuses that pursue will be the equivalent for some different variations of poker like live poker or online poker, we should experience how to deal a hand as a Texas Hold’em dealer:

Stage 1: Shuffle the Cards

It’s extremely vital that the cards be shuffled before each hand, as this randomizes the request and keeps players from knowing where any of the cards are. In casinos, numerous poker tables substitute decks each hand, with one deck being utilized in play and the other being put through a robotized card shuffler that is incorporated with the table. Make sure that players can’t see the base card when you’re rearranging; else, they’ll have the capacity to follow the estimated area of one or numerous cards in the deck. For the most part, no less than 4 riffle shuffles and a cut must occur before a hand is dealt.

Stage 2: Deal the Cards

Beginning with the player to one side of the poker dealer catch, a Texas Hold’em Poker dealer will at that point deal 2 gap cards to the majority of the players at the table. As to deal poker cards, it’s for the most part up to you (or to the standard routine with regards to the clubhouse in which you work). An American style of dealing includes squeezing the card confront down and flicking it towards a player; an European style of dealing includes sliding the best card onto the table and afterward pushing it towards a player, frequently with a turn.

Stage 3: Manage the Pot

It is the poker dealer’s obligation to manage where the activity is amid the betting rounds, and guarantee bets and bet sizes are appropriately made by all players. (In the event that somebody says, “$35,” the poker dealer must guarantee that the player really bets in $35 in chips and that every single ensuing guest coordinate that sum with the right group of chips.) Pre-flop, activity begins with the player to one side of the huge visually impaired. Post-flop, betting rounds start with the principal player situated to one side of the poker dealer catch who is still in the hand.

Stage 4: Burn and Turn

After each betting round finishes up, poker dealers must “consume” the best card of the deck (put the best card confront down into the waste heap) before dealing the quantity of network cards required for the present road or betting round. This activity is done as such that, in the remote possibility that a stamped deck is being utilized, (or if there are blemishes to specific cards of the deck), players can’t recognize cards just by grabbing on any markings on the backs of the cards.

Stage 5: Awarding the Pot

On the off chance that a confrontation is achieved, the poker dealer must decide the most elevated hand. When a hand has been won, the poker dealer should then honor the chips to that player in like manner by pushing the pot toward them. In case of a tie, a split pot is made, where the pot is separated similarly among the winners. On the off chance that there is an odd number of chips in the split pot, the odd chip is granted to the player nearest to one side of the catch in Texas Hold’em. The over 5-point dealing system makes up the fundamental things for dealing a poker hand. While there might be other special circumstances that can emerge, (for example, misdeals and player inconsistencies), basically encircle yourself increasingly more with poker (and regularly playing or watching the game yourself) will help give you a decent comprehension of how to deal poker for any circumstance that you may experience.


The game of online poker has come a long way since its inception and now has a number of very interesting variants to be played like this one. The online arena is geared to offer poker enthusiasts around the world all the help they need and in this way bag the pots on the tables. You need to follow instruction and advice that comes to you from the well-famed professionals and comply by the rules to be able to become an integral part of the poker tables around the world.

Bluffing is one of the most common features of the poker game limit Texas Hold’em poker. It is a romantic as well as an exciting thing for limit hold’em poker players to dangerously put in a lot of their money on the game, and that too without having a good hand. Profitability is the main concern for any smart gambler. There are different ways for you to find out where the bluffs you are making are going to be profitable for your or not in limit hold’em poker.

For example in a 2/5 casino game which is live, let’s say you have around 450 dollars left in your stack there is a 100 dollar pot. There is only one opponent’s and you are heads-up in a pot in the game. You are not considering making an 80-dollar bluff, as it is now your turn to act. At this situation, you will end up asking yourself just two questions. You would be asking yourself, how many times the opponent will be folding.

Your second worry would be to find out that to make the bluff profitable for you, how many times the opponent would have to fold. It is only through a bit of estimating and reading the opponent that you will be able to understand whether the bluff will be profitable or not in limit hold’em poker, if for instance you decide that the opponent will be folding around 60 percent to the bet.

The size of the bet will have to be divided by the value of the total pot after the bet is made, which will help you determine whether the pot will be profitable or not in limit hold’em poker. To break even, your opponent will have to fold a certain number of times, and the percentage that you will get, is dependent on this. You are sure to have a profitable bluff in limit hold’em poker if your opponent folds more than that.

Obviously, you do not have a profitable bluff if he folds less than that. It is rather simple to understand mathematics of the poker game. Intelligent gamblers make profits by using their head in the right direction in the game. In the long run, if you want to make major profits in the game is necessary to make a profitable bluff. The more your opponent folds, the more profitable your bluff will be, so that you can make the bet. Poker enthusiasts now need not despair. All the poker help you need is right here and right now! Yes, you can now get poker help online.


We have all been on the table when someone constantly raises on every hand and continues to take down pot after pot in a Texas Holdem Poker cash game. They look for weakness and when they see it or suspect it, they go for blood on every hand. The only way to beat this type of a player is to play poker online the same game that they do and earn your half of the table.

The first way to do this is by taking the lead in a hand. If you raise a pot, stick with the betting and show them that you are not afraid to fire chips into the pot. If you are playing tight, this should be enough to get them to back off of the hands that you are in. Make the continuation bet, but also fire on the turn as though you have a hand. Even the most aggressive of players will step back when a tight player continues to fire on the turn of a hand that they have raised on.

Another move that you can make against an aggressive opponent is by calling down the pre flop raise and the flop bet and then fire away on the turn. The board is really of no consequence when playing against an aggressive player as they will play just about any two cards. This is more of a feel move that you have to make based on when you think they are truly weak. If nothing more than a value bet was placed on the flop, it could be a green light to make your move.

This is something that you are going to have to be committed to from the very start and regardless of what the turn brings, you fire away like you just made a set. If the board was on a flush or straight draw and you are isolated, it actually works in your favor as tight players will usually only bet when they have it and firing right away gives the impression that you have made your hand and could care less what they are holding.

An aggressive player can be a nightmare unless you can tame them. You are going to be out of position against them half the time and if you show them that you can be walked over, they will do it every chance that they get. In order to keep your stack, you are going to have to fight fire with fire and get them to back off when you are in hands or you are doing nothing more than making a donation to their kid’s college fund.


Texas Hold’em Poker– is a favorite game of the professional poker players. Hold’em is played almost in every big European and American casino and though the annual World Series of Poker, WSOP is held in different “categories”, the title of the World Champion gets the winner in Hold’em. There are several years Hold’em appeared in Moscow and in other cities some casinos include it to the list of offered games. To get into the championship, where the first fee is $10,000 and where millions of people from America and all over the world dream to play, the players have to pass several tournaments with less prizes which are called satellites. Such satellites tournaments where several places to WSOP are drawn plus money for the trip, are held by many serious sites for playing online poker (online poker rooms).

Hold’em is played usually by 6-10 player at the poker table. The round plastic disk, called button, which moves before every deal on one player clockwise, defines the dealer’s location. The player on the left hand of the dealer bets blind before the deal, i.e. without seeing his cards, a half of a base bet (small blind), and the next – the full start bet (big blind). In the Moscow’s casinos it is usually $5-$10, though other variants can occur. After that the croupier deals every player, beginning from the small blind, two cards closed and the first round of trade is begun. Let’s point that unlike the stud-poker, the trade goes in the definite way clockwise beginning from the player who sits on the left hand of the dealer. The exception is the first round, before which two players on the left hand of the dealer have made their “blind” bets and the trade is begun by the third player from the dealer.

Every player has by turn, according to his two cards, to decide – whether to fold, i.e. drop his cards without pretending on winning, to call the previous bet, or to raise it. The player whose bet is equal to the previous (for example, in the first circle of trade without raising the bet, who sits on the big blind) can say “check”, confirming his wish to play and unwillingness to raise. After when all the bets are made, i.e. raises are equalized, the rest said “check”, the other players dropped cards, and it can last for several rounds, three cards opened are dealt on the middle of the table and the next circle of trade is begun. These three cards called the flop, are common and belong to all rest players. After this circle of trade which can last for several rounds, the next common opened card is dealt (the turn, or sometimes the fourth street), the next round of trade, and than the fifth common card – river, or the fifth street. After it the last circle of trade is done, showing closed cards and definition of the winner, which gets the whole bank (for the exception of the casino’s percent, which is usually about 3%).

The bet limits depend on the sub-variety of the game (low-limit, pot-limit, no limit), but in the most Moscow’s casinos where Hold’em is played, in money (not tournament) game the rule “the bet raise – not higher than the half of the bank” is spread. It’s impossible to “crush by the large sum” in Hold’em – if you are short of chips with the winning card, to answer the last raise, with the words “all in” the croupier shares the bank into two parts. In one of them, on which you had enough of money you take part, the rest will be divided among the other players. If by this moment you stayed with your opponent alone – “excess” chips are returned to him at once. In the player’s combination any amount of common and closed cards can enter. Naturally, there can’t be more than 5 cards in the combination (usual poker combinations play in the habitual order of seniority). It is an important moment – two, one or none of the player’s closed cards can take part in the combination, and the common number of players can’t exceed five. On the last WSOP on the Hold’em tournament in May 2001 (by the way, with the entrance fee $10 000 and total prize about $6 000 000) on the second day after the screening of more than a half of players, a striking case occurred. After the flop and the turn there were 9-10-J-K of different suits lying on the table. The trade was over, because both residuary players bet all their chips into the bank. One of the players opened his two Q, showing a created street. The second one dropped his closed cards and jumped from the table. When croupier opened the fifth card, one more Q, which gave the street on the table, i.e. draw game, to run down the second player and to inform him of it was impossible. Be careful – even the last card (if you bargain to it, and when it is needed we will discuss later) can change the situation cardinally.

That’s all rules of this amazing game, one of the most exciting varieties of poker, which is considered to be the King of gambling. In the end of the first chapter let’s notice that any poker (besides Caribbean, or Oasis), and also Hold’em, unlike other usual games – the game is between players but not with the casino. Further will be said about the basic principles, strategy and tactics of the game, but you don’t have to forget about the role of psychology. You can’t win without knowing the technique. You can’t win a lot of money without understanding of the opponent’s psychology. Poker is played for money.

“Any two cards can win the bank” – such phrase you can often hear from the Hold’em players. It can’t be wrong, you can really win with anything. Having 2-7 of different suits, you can get on flop, for example, three deuces, and without paired turn and river to win with the strongest hand. However the probability of such event is rather small, and playing all 2-card combinations in a row the total loss will much exceed such casual winnings. Let’s see, with which two cards it is worth to enter the game, and which are worth to drop at once.

As it was mentioned above, unlike 5- -card Stud-Poker, in Hold’em the order of trade is defined by the location of the button and isn’t change during one deal. That’s why the location in the trade is one of the deciding factors of the game, and some cards, which are worth to drop in the early position, are right for playing on the last hands. The later your lead, the more information you have, and poker is the game of information. Of course not full, but information. That’s why, when setting out the basic strategy of the game, we will proceed from the player’s position according to button at the table: when nine players are in the game, four boxes on the left from the button (including binds) are considered to be an early position, the fifth-seventh players – in the middle, the eighth and ninth – in the late position.

In spite of a big difference of card joints in poker there are only 169 variants of start 2-card hands. Of course, we count those cards which are differ only by suit, the same combination, i.e. K of clubs J of clubs equalize to K of hearts J of hearts. If three clubs will come on flop, first of them is more winning, but for those who don’t have a gift of oracle these hands before flop are equivalent. All these 169 variants we can divide into five categories: pairs, neighbor cards, “full of holes” cards, neighbour cards of the same suit and cards “full of holes” of the same suit. If you have a pair, your two cards can be of the same or different suits, be neighbor or to have “a hole” between them in one or several cards. It is obvious that with neighbor cards there are more chances to get the street, the bigger the “hole”, the smaller is this probability. With the cards of the same suits for the flash the size of the “hole” isn’t important, but senior cards are preferable for other reasons.


Taking on your single complex Texas Hold’em poker procedure, and putting it on each time you suppose and think it is Proper will procure an individual an incredible bargain of cash. It doesn’t matter on the off chance that you are a supervises player, take part in rivalries frequently, essentially for the reason that this technique finishes have an association with any poker game which at whatever time. 1st of all, it is essential that a man or lady studies to study the kitchen table before he or she can venture all over the place of their sheltered place to like an amusement which might be conveying her or him the most noteworthy Return on transaction.

Right by way of persistent assertion, challenger estimation, a single will get an interaction on his style of and system. When you appropriated to the position in spots you can extensively or else continuously decipher and study your particular contender’s palm well, the time it now, chance to make utilization of their sort of play frequently. Make sure that you don’t capitalize on that every single time, practically the same as anybody do that the challenger will rapidly have worked out that you know his / her game play in this specific area. So what is an amazing divide for this particular move? Without a doubt a thing around 30 -70% most extreme. Obviously, provided that you have the encountering that will the man or lady you happen to be playing towards, defintely won’t be on the kitchen table the following day or probably taking after week, it is reasonable you craving to adventure the thought every single time, absolutely when they’re pretty undesirable in getting a load of your hand on top of finding and getting on.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a hunt at a snappy representation with the goal that you will get a picture on how a modern online poker methodology works in apply. In case a restriction should support every last crux, and you do are conscious that he’s a feeble give 80%+ of the time, the time is now’s to re-raise him or her in fitting areas. This arrives principally to perform in the event that the nexus raiser offers a superb tendency to folding right after a raise. As though he does fold after well-nigh each re help its very conceivable that you can stone freezing feign your ex out on the town of a considerable measure of hands. The exceptional thing is essentially that you don’t probably will require an exceptionally solid side to battle opposite his or her go. The purpose behind this revelation is in light of the fact that he overlays over additional arms contrasted with this single must, and in addition is not setting off to telephone or possibly 3 wager an individual light. Numerous players are for the most part failing to offer the focus the emulating, and in this manner are terrified to re moreover hoist a yearning player who clearly tackles more palms on consistent contrasted with a stronger player.

Think about one inventive poker online technique during that time-frame, plus your target ought to be to uncover right concerning the greater part of your rivals all through a hands. You’ve to get a feeling on while an adversary can be powerless then when he’s amazingly capable. All these extraordinary strategies can constantly be obtained by means of constant palm perusing with and also palm examination.


You surely have heard phrases like slow play, rail birds and others. Surely you have checked with our Poker Glossary – and have not found the following:

Slow playing in Texas Holdem Poker is when you make a hand and decide to “lay in the weeds” and hide the strength of your hand. By doing this you can allow your competitors to put money into pots with lesser hands, and sometimes can get more value for your hands. Caution when slow playing, you may allow the other players to catch up with you and they might beat you in the end. Basically slow playing is when you check with a great hand and allow your competitors to bet into you, and it is a common strategy in No Limit Texas Holdem.

Slow Role

Slow rolling is an ethical problem that exists in Texas Holdem Poker. If you get called out for slow rolling, you are being criticized for showing up your opponents. Slow rolling is when the hand is over and you delay in flipping up your hole cards when you have a great hand, winning hand. Don’t do this, showing up your opponents will give you a negative image at the table. If you have the best hand, turn it up and let the players know that you won the pot, to avoid embarrassing your opponents. In my opinion slow rolling should be a penalty in Texas Holdem and I suggest no one should do it.

The Nuts

When you have the nuts, you have the best hand possible at that time. Making the nuts, will make Texas Holdem a lot easier, there is no better feeling then knowing you can’t be beat. The nuts can change on every street, you might have the nuts on the flop, but the turn could make it possible for someone else to have a better hand. An example : The community cards are Ad – Ah – 10d – 5d- Qd, What is the nuts? You would have the nuts if you had a King – Jack of diamonds for a Royal Flush.

Card Rush

Card Rushes are when every time you look down at your hand you seem to have a big cards. Card rushes can last for a few hands or on great days can last for hours. Ride out these card rushes and make some money when you can. Don’t get married to your card rushes they will come to an end and there is such a thing as a negative card rush. A negative card rush is when you are getting big pre flop hands, but can never seem to make a hand. An example of negative card rushes are when you pick up pocket kings and raise and on the flop there is always an ace that beats you.

Family Pot

When all players at the table are playing in the same hand.

Limping In

Calling pre flop instead of folding or raising the big blind.

Rail Birds

A rail bird is a person watching the game and is usually used as a negative comment. A lot of times rail birds will make inappropriate comments and might effect the game when they have no business getting involved.

Sharks and Fish

These are terms that you will hear people called at a online poker table. A fish is a person that is leaking money a weaker player that other players will pick on. Obviously the shark is a strong player who will feast on the fish at the table. Basically don’t be the fish, play in games where you are a Shark instead. If you get called one of these terms use it to your advantage and exploit the table image that you have created for yourself.

Under the Gun

When you are under the gun, you are the first person to act pre flop. This player will be to the left of the big blind and is commonly the worst position at a poker table. Playing under the gun can be tricky, but you can get control of the pot immediately if you raise.

Coolers and Cold Decks

These are ways to complain about the cards and your luck. If the deck is cold or you hit a cooler, it seems as if “the poker gods” are against you. You could be making big hands and losing or starting big and getting no where in the hand. An Example: You start the hand with pocket aces (Ad – Ah) and the flop comes Ac – 10c – Jh, perfect you flopped your set bet out and get one caller. The turn isn’t a problem a 5d, and you bet and get another call. When the river comes Kc you have hit your cooler now your opponent might have made a flush or straight and you are probably beat. This can have one of two effects, one it could just slow the action and you still win with the best hand. Two your opponent made there hand and you will be forced to make a decision at the showdown.

This is hardly scratching the surface of language you might hear at a Texas Holdem table. Learning some of these terms can make your time at the poker table more comfortable and show the other players that you know what you are doing.


So you are standing here (or sitting). Dealer already dealt the cards and you are given your hand.

As a good Texas Hold’em Poker Player you should learn to know, which hands you should play and which hands you should fold. With bluffing etc. you can win any hand, but some hands win more frequently and if you stick to these hands, you should get better results in the long run.

So here are the Top 10 Best Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

1. Ace-Ace

A pair of aces (also known as pocket rockets) is the best starting hand you can ever get for Texas Hold’em Poker.

2. King-King

“King Kong” (or the two cowboys) is the second best starting hand for Texas Hold’em poker.

3. Queen-Queen

The “ladies” are the third best starting hand for Texas Hold’em Poker. So now you know the top three starting hands for Texas Hold’em poker.

4. Ace-King (suited)

The fourth best pick is a suited ace-king hand (often called “big slick”). Some people wouldn’t pick it for fourth place but a lot of players agree that this is fourth best starting hand for Texas Hold’em Poker.

5. Ace-Queen (suited)

The “big chick” (or “little slick”) is a combination of ace and queen in the same suit. It is the fifth best starting hand for Texas Hold’em poker.
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6. Jack-Jack

The “fishhooks”, a pair of jacks, is the sixth best starting hand for Texas Hold’em Poker.

7. King-Queen (suited)

The king and the queen in the same suit is known as seventh best starting hand for Texas Hold’em Poker by poker players from around the world.

8. Ace-Jack (suited)

In Black Jack you would shout hooray and this would be the best starting hand for Black Jack. For Texas Hold’em poker it is the eigth best starting hand.

9. Ace-King (offsuit)

You surely wonder about an offsuit hand in the top 10 best starting hands for Texas Holdem poker. Well, this is the only hand that could hardly made it onto position 9 of the best starting hands for Texas Holdem poker.

10. Ten-Ten

What would be Number ten without Tens? A pair of tens is always a good hand you should get along with. Texas Holdem players often call them “dimes” and they are number 10 in the top 10 best starting hands for Texas Holdem poker.

What if your hand is not listed above?

Well, as a beginner in Texas Holdem Poker, you should always stick to this top 10 list with best starting hands for Texas Holdem Poker. Use these poker strategy to gain all the times. But as you continue to gain some experience you can expand and experiment with other starting hands. May be bluffing comes into game.

But whatever you do, you should never forget that you could lose money when entering pots with weak hands. Please don’t forget to play responsible!


There you are, sitting in the Texas Holdem poker tournament as a short stack with the increasing blinds being your enemy. In order to survive and wind up further in the tourney, you have only one option…lingering. When mixed in with a little luck, the following suggestions can help you survive linger mode and rebuild to a contending chip stack at online poker table.

Make a late position push

So the blinds just passed you buy, and you got bullied worse than a ginger kid in a schoolyard. This is the ideal time to make a push. If all hands before you are folded and you are sitting in late position with a marginal-to-solid hand, then this is an opportune time to go over the top. The odds are very likely that the remaining players will not wake up with a legitimate hand to call an all in. Blinds are officially stolen, and you have just increased your chip stack dramatically without sweating the board. Also, if there is a call on your late position all-in, then you are almost sure to be entering the flop as a 60/40 underdog. Hey, life sucks as a short stack, and a 40/60 isolation is a great option for you at this time.

Isolate against the aggressive player

The best thing to do in any tournament is to study the table and recognize tendencies. Attempt to figure out who is playing tight versus aggressive. The information you gather early on is what could save you if or when you become the short stack. The ideal victim to exploit as a short stack is the overly aggressive guy. Most tables have this type of player, where they like to raise preflop in order to steal some blinds. If you wind up with hole cards that should be two lives, for example suited connectors, then this would be a great time to do a little gambling. The price gives you the best option in getting back in the tournament, where you will be isolated against a loose cannon and able to add in the blinds if you win the hand.

Don’t get cute

Being cute may work for a girl who wants free drinks, but you’re the short stack. There is nothing cute in your position, so now isn’t the time to attempt anything. If you get a solid hand, then push. You are the short stack, and the table is hovering over you like vultures. Chances are you will be getting called in an ideal situation, as a favorite. By getting cute and disguising your hand, you are risking hands coming into the pot that generally should not be involved. Too many hands will turn your favorite into another marginal hand. Isolate with the push and hope that it holds up.


Float play is an advanced poker bluffing technique used in Texas Hold’em poker. Float play involves calling another player’s bet during the flop and then betting when checked during the turn so you can win before seeing the the river.

This is an effective poker technique for advanced players since opponents expect them to do a continuation bet upon the flop regardless if their cards get better or not. Other players will most likely bet and hope that you did not get anything out of the flop. Calling this bet will actually set some alarm bells in your opponents’ heads since they might think that you are slowplaying good cards. Most players will then check upon the turn and then what you will do is make a big bet to win the pot.

The float play is an excellent protection if you feel like another player is making continuation bets. Remember though that it is not just for this.

If you want to make good use of the float play, you should remember two things. First, you must be taking action after your opponent. Second, this should be done during a heads up with an opponent.

Float plays are also possible even when you are not in position but this technique is too advanced and is not often recommended by the experts of the game. When you are in position, you can still spot for any weakness of the other player after. You are also able to carefully assess the situation and fold your hand if the opponent makes a strong bet on the turn or be strong to take the pot when they just check.

As much as possible, never do float play poker against multiple players. This is most effective when you are in position and during a heads up.


Texas Hold’em can be a very hard game to learn if you are not familiar with the game. It can take some players’ years before they perfect the game. This is why it is important to consider other players’ tips and strategies while trying to create your own. Glance over some tips and strategies that may help you learn and get better a Texas Hold’em in the future. 

Likely the number one error starting online poker players make would be that they play plenty of hands. Playing more does not mean winning; it usually translates to losing more. 

Think about your very own capabilities and should you think the players at your game are far better, you need to transition to some different table. You will find no point being the sucker at a game full of sharks. 

Playing naively after you’ve just claimed or lost a giant pot will see your stack lowered to 0 in no time at all. 

If you lose a large pot it is okay. As long as your playing is sensible you will get back your losses in the long run. 

If you’re an assertive person who is secure with playing an assertive game then play it. If you’re more subdued then learn how to play to your personality. 

Switch your playing type while you play so that others at the table can’t attain a fix as to how you will react in a particular situation. 

If you find yourself an amateur Texas Holdem poker player it is far better to play your cards clearly instead of trying to bluff your opponents out of hands. 

It is very important in Texas Hold’em to consider the power of your opponent’s hand not only your very own. 

Position plays a much broader role in no limit Texas Hold’em than you think. It can often become more beneficial than the cards themselves, and result in the distinction between winning and losing a hand. 

If you find yourself first studying Texas Hold’em it is undoubtedly demanding enough to remember your cards. You will have huge advantage should you decide pay close attention to the flop and various players. 

This really is one particularly necessary concept in my circumstance and numerous players I have talked to. Once in a while we all ignore that Hold’em poker is a game and games ought to be satisfying. 

One concept when playing with a less than typical Texas Hold’em bankroll is to play the lower staked pot limit games as opposed to the no limit games. 

Really the only real way you will ever have the ability to master playing any particular Texas Holdem poker version is for you to achieve as much real life playing encounters as humanly feasible. 


If you use these Texas Hold’em tips and strategies above you will be on your way to being a better all round poker player.