Strategy when Playing Shorthanded Poker Tournaments

pokerdeal_pokerlion_img_Strategy when Playing Shorthanded Poker Tournaments

You will see an increasing number of tournaments being tagged as “shorthanded”.  These shorthanded tournaments will only have six players as the maximum for a online poker table instead of the traditional ten. This kind of tournament will require you to adjust and use a different skill set to make sure you rake in some chips.

Playing loose and fast

Do not even think that you can play slow in shorthanded tournament. The name of the game is playing it fast and playing it loose. The blinds will be going on a quicker pace. Since you have only six players, 1/3 of the time you will be force to put something into the pot while on a traditional tournament the blinds will be forced onto you 1/5 of the time. Patience is out of the window for shorthanded tournaments since it will also not be a profitable attitude.


Playing a shorthanded tournament exposes you to a wider set of starting cards. Unlike ring games, you cannot wait for premium starting hands. You really don’t have to think that your opponents will have premium cards. The chance that other players will have pocket aces is also lower. So, some cards that you don’t want to play on a full table can be playable on a shorthanded table.

Learn some foreplay

You have to change what is in your mind right now after reading that subheading. Seriously now, with shorthanded games you can play poker online a bit passive at first to get a feel of how the other players on the table handle their cards. As quickly as you can, extract some more information so you can also play the player. This way you also don’t reveal too much about your game very early in the tournament.

Size Matters

When you are able to build a good stack. Play hard and exploit the smaller stacked players. This is a critical mindset if you want to win a shorthanded tournament.