Online Poker Basics : Knowing Your Opponents

pokerdeal_blog_img_Online Poker Basics : Knowing Your Opponents

Online poker, today it is the most popular pastime all over the world. Poker is a skill game, you should know the basic rules and tricks about poker. But when you are able to read ypur opponents hands, then you become a poker pro. Here are some tricks to know your opponents:

Loose players
You can either have loose-aggressive or loose-passive poker players. The loose-passive ones are quite easy to deal with. They will be calling on a lot of bets but will rarely push to raise without strong cards. It will be difficult to bluff against these players since they can use a whole range of cards against you and you will not be able to assess the situation accurately. Be patient and value against these players.

The Loose-aggressive kinds may come as two types. You will have players who are loose-aggressive because they lack experience and over estimate what they have. There are also the experienced ones who raise using a wide range of hands while only pushing a big chunk of chips when they have the monsters.

Tight players
The tight-passive poker players all the time wait for good hands and will play in fear resulting to them just calling instead of raising. If you are playing against these players, bet often so you can steal the blinds. When they bet against you, you are most likely beaten and you should fold.

Tight-aggressive players choose the best hands to play and play these cards strongly. You need a strong hand or the best of implied odds to go against these players in a tournament.

Other factors to look at
You need to know the levels of experience of your opponents. You can judge this by looking at how they play their cads especially when out of position. You should also observe how they size their bets.

You will also meet straightforward and tricky opponents. Some players will bet to make others feel that they have strong hands while others can just check even when they have monster hands. You need to take note of their style as you go along the rounds and adjust accordingly.