How to Make the Most of Online Poker Bonuses

pokerdeal_blog_img_How to Make the Most of Online Poker Bonuses

Poker online bonuses are generally considered very important by players, when it comes to choosing a poker room to play at, and quite rightfully so. By signing up to an online poker room which offers a generous bonus and a easy redemption method, a player can effectively cut back on the rake he pays to the room while playing. Mind you, every bonus has to be redeemed (unlocked) before it actually hits your real money account, usually by generating about $10 rake for every dollar of the bonus.

In addition to that, there are other terms, that will influence the overall quality of the bonus. Some bonuses never expire, others however, have a set period of validity (usually a month or 30 days) If you fail to unlock the entire amount during that time, you’ll lose it all. Some bonuses are redeemable in set chunks ($10, $50) at a time, others will only be credited to you once you unlock the whole amount.

Bonus hunting is not a simple thing, especially in light of the fact that the biggest bonus is not always the most advantageous one from the regular player’s perspective. One approach recommended to bonus hunting is to open about 6 separate accounts at different poker rooms and aim for redeeming the bonuses as quickly as possible. As long as you work for your bonus, you’ll be playing with reduced rake. The only fault of the bonus system is, that it doesn’t encourage players to continue playing after they have redeemed their bonuses. Some bonus whoring experts recommend that you move on as soon as you have your bonus in your real money account. This move hardly serves the interests of the poker room, as it’ll lose players as soon as they get their hands on the bonus. Experts recommend that you cash out as soon as you’ve reached the objective and open another account at a different room where you can once again play for the bonus with reduced rake.

Some poker rooms have come up with feeble attempts to stop player migration in the shape of reload bonuses, but at a closer look those don’t really make any sense. Who would want to reload? Player who bust out. In consequence, reload bonuses only encourage losers to gi ve it another go, but they fail to attract the most valuable type of player: the winner.

If you operate a poker room and you want to keep your acquired players loyal, the answer is simple: Rakeback, cashback or some sort of other rake return setup. With rakeback, the player will play with reduced rake on every single hand he/she plays. The reason to go on to another room, will no longer be there. Most rakeback sites do not deduct bonuses from the rakeback, so as long as they’re working to redeem the bonus, poker players will enjoy a double advantage.

Bottom line is: in order to make the most of your bonus, you need to choose carefully what kind of bonus you’re signing up for. Sing-up and first-deposit bonuses might look very enticing, but they have nothing on rakeback or cashback.