Do Girls Play Poker And Should They?

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Poker is a real man’s game, the pressure the action the thrills – it isn’t game for genteel ladies…is it?

Starting off with a fact, there are fewer women pro poker players than men, not that there is some equal opportunities tribunal you can see about that. Also it’s not as if poker has a glass ceiling, if you want to play, you can play and if you want to progress, nobody stopping you but yourself.

Poker may be a male dominated sport but there are also plenty of talented women in poker who are up there breaking straights, wining pots and stealing hearts as the go.

Some guys say “girls just can’t play poker these guys should get back in their time machine and return to the 1950’s.

In actual fact female sharks are the toughest and scariest online poker players, anyone who thinks lacking testicles is the same as lacking balls, doesn’t know much about the fairer sex.

While men tend to be the more aggressive players than women that doesn’t mean every woman you play with is a fold waiting to happen, that can be bullied out of every hand a casual toss of chips.

Today more female players then ever before, are learning to play the game, turning professional and going head-to-head (and hand to hand) with the world’s best male players.

When you think of “typical” female attributes, patience cool common sense, female intuition not to mention a vicious streak that would make a snake blush, does that not sound the bones of a great poker player?

Though poker is male dominated there are also a number of real talented women in pro poker who have been taking first place at big tournaments women like  Annie Duke, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Tilly, Clonie Gowen, Tina Wallman and many many  more…

A female player also has two big advantages over any guy at the table, please feel free to insert your own “Good Pair” joke here…

Despite the fact that there are few things more desirable to the average poker Joe as a beautiful woman, with a stack of chip who looks like she’s holding the nuts, don’t make the cardinal sin o thinking that a good looking girl at the table is just there for eye Candy.