Attract More Poker Fish to a Friendly Poker Game


Do you fall under those serious, arrogant poker pros who are gathered around the poker table in big shades and hooded sweatshirts are out for blood? PokerLion investigates!

They are not attracting friendly amateurs; they are attracting expert players who are the only ones who are not intimidated by their demeanour. This may be good for real money poker, but certainly not for those decent players who want to pick up a little amount of cash.

For the amateur will, for the most part, prefer a table where he thinks he can have a good time, whether he wins or loses. For him the game is not a way of making a living, but quality time. The sociable, successful businessman happy to get out of the office or to have a bit of fun before the foreign meeting, the bright computer scientist who likes once in a while to play a real game as opposed to online poker: these people, cruising around the room, are looking for a table where players are relaxed and friendly. They will listen for laughter and scan smiles before they at all try to observe the players’ actual poker skills, and will finally go for those tables where people seem to enjoy themselves.

To the players who want to constantly earn an actual income at the table, these guys are a godsend. An individual player will probably not lose a lot, but will do so consistently. If the pro wants some dough he has come to the right place. These good old boys seeking fun will stay longer, place riskier bets and lose more when they are having fun.

The intimidating table full of folks that don’t talk to each other, don’t look at each other and have created a sombre atmosphere will keep the amateur far, far away.

The amateur is seeking the opposite of the above. He wants good conversation, friendly company, and a table where the players complement each other on good play. This table engenders a feeling of warm fuzziness and trust for the amateur and will suck him right in. They will return to this table again and happily lose money to you. Remember they are seeking entertainment not an income.

By keeping the weaker opponents in a fun loving mood, you will keep up their poker online hopes. They must be good; they are having such a good time. Luck, being the fickle lady that she is, is sure to fall on them some times. The relaxed ambience of this table will attract more amateurs, making it a golden opportunity for the player looking for serious money.

This gregarious, relaxed persona is not necessarily born to the expert players. They learn it along with the skills and techniques of the game and practice, practice, practice. This allows them to manipulate situations to their advantage while projecting a very positive and entertaining experience for the little fishes that took their bait.

And, the fishes will thank them for providing them with such an entertaining time at the table!