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If you’re planning on earning money through online poker playing, you have to know from the start that although this is a card game, it should be taken as seriously as possible. It’s OK if you like to play a game now and then and you don’t mind losing a couple dozen dollars just for the fun of it, but if you’re determined to make some real cash or turn this into an occupation, there are many things you should take into account. We consulted some of the world’s top online poker players for advice, and they pointed out the most common mistakes they’ve noticed among people they’re playing, especially young and inexperienced players. Here’s some of the exclusive piece of advice from the professionals that could help you improve your playing.

Mistake No. 1: Getting distracted while playing

Some players tend to take online poker playing too frivolous, sitting in front of the computer while listening to music or leaving the TV on in the background. Any kind of distraction will lower your concentration, which is crucial in online games although it might not look that way. Even the slightest distraction makes you miss the important signs and rely simply on luck which isn’t enough to win in most cases. Another big mistake players make is playing more games at the same time simultaneously. Don’t get carried away or get greedy thinking this could be a way of earning more money more quickly. Only the professionals can handle focusing on several games at a time, and it takes years of practice and even that’s not enough. Choose to focus on one game at a time, turn off anything but your computer and stop playing if you start feeling tired or deconcetrated.

Mistake No. 2: Using Auto Play

Since you’re not actually seeing the person you’re playing against, the only way of telling the opponent’s reaction on the hand they’ve been dealt is the time response. The logic with this is pretty simple – if someone makes a quick bet or call, they probably have a good hand. On the other hand, an automatic check means that your cards probably aren’t that great. Before using the auto play button next time, pause for a moment and think about the message you’re sending, basically signaling everyone at the table that you have a bad hand.

Mistake No. 3: Not knowing when to quit

This is one of the hardest things to learn as even the most experienced online poker players sometimes have a hard time determining when to quit. If you’re on a winning streak, it’s easy to get carried away and feel like you can win one more game, risking to lose all your previously earned cash. It works the other way around too, if you’re losing game after game and keep telling yourself that you’ll play “just this one more” to get your money back. Chances are, this ain’t gonna happen. The more you struggle and the more desperate you are to win, you’ll be less focused and you’ll make more mistakes. Learn when it’s time to quit and remember that tomorrow is another day.


Many live players will tell you that online poker is not the same because there are no tells. They feel that since you can’t read a player or pick up on tells you can’t play the game as it is live. Yes, poker tells are an important part of poker and can be very handy and win you a lot of money. But, when someone says that there are no tells in online poker, they are wrong.

Lets first discuss what a “tell” is and how it applies to poker. A tell is a mannerism or pattern that person may have when playing the game. This can be a subtle as a twitching vein in their neck or as big as shaking hands when they have a monster. Regardless of the tell, they can give clues and information that can determine your decision on what to do. There are more tells in live poker because you can see someone and observe their actions and tics. But there are plenty of tell in online poker that can be just as informative and valuable.

One of the biggest tells would be timing tells. When playing online you are given buttons to click that make you bet, call, fold or raise. You will likely have automatic tabs that will instantly perform the action you prefer when it is your turn. Some players will click the tab to check when it is their turn to act if they are uninterested in their hand. When it gets to them, they will automatically check within milliseconds.

Most players will usually take at least a second or two to click the check button so seeing this instant check will be pretty easy to spot. If you happen to see this at the table and you are in the pot, there’s a good chance you can take the pot down with a small bet. Regardless of what you have, making this small bet will win most of the time. On the flip side, if you have a huge hand, you may elect to check yourself, since it’s likely your opponent will fold since they have shown no interest in this hand.

Other timing tells that can be very profitable are when someone instantly bets. This is usually combined with a pot bet and made on the river. When someone is drawing to a hand and miss on the river, they will often instantly bet pot in hopes of showing great strength. There’s an old poker adage that says; weak means string and strong means weak. This means when someone is acting very strong as if they have a big hand, its likely that they are weak. This is the same with the instant pot bet tell in online poker.

There are numerous other tells in online poker, but these have been proven to be the most profitable. If you spot a tell, make a note of it and take advantage of it right away.


Online poker players are some of the best in the world. The games have gotten tougher over the years and most of your better players come from an online background. To stay ahead of the competition you need to know what makes them so good and how to use these skills and tools to put yourself in the same position.

The main reason online poker players are so good can be contributed to the amount of hands they can play online. The ability to play across multiple sites and play as many tables as your brain can handle lets players get in 10 times the volume they could live. When playing at a live casino, you only play 1 table at a time and the action is much slower. Online poker moves at a very fast pace and you can easily get in a few thousand hands a day. The learning curve is severely decreased which in turn lets you learn the game much faster. An online poker player can get the same amount of hands in year that a live player might get in a while lifetime. It’s staggering when you think about it.

To keep up and become better than the other players, you must play more and learn more. The game evolves at a faster pace online and keeping up with how players react and how they play will be vital to ones success. As with any profession, you need to constantly be learning and evolving with your field of work. A car mechanic who worked in the 60′s cannot survive in today’s market if they do not learn how new cars work.

You also need to be using software when you play online poker. This software tracks all the hands you play and your opponents’ hands as well. The software then takes this information and gives you detailed stats as to how your opponents react in certain situations. You can instantly see how often a player 3 bets, continuation bets and folds. This information will allow you to make more informed decisions and help you to make more money. The other reason you need to be using this software is because your opponents are likely using it as well. The better players will almost always have software and you must be on the same page as them to keep up.

You can also improve your game away from the tables by reading up on strategy. You can find numerous online poker forums where you can share hands, talk strategy and read others advice. Being able to feedback from all types of players lets you find leaks in your game and help you to understand how others play. Knowing your opponents is one the best ways to stay ahead of the competition in online poker.


We have all been on the table when someone constantly raises on every hand and continues to take down pot after pot in a Texas Holdem Poker cash game. They look for weakness and when they see it or suspect it, they go for blood on every hand. The only way to beat this type of a player is to play poker online the same game that they do and earn your half of the table.

The first way to do this is by taking the lead in a hand. If you raise a pot, stick with the betting and show them that you are not afraid to fire chips into the pot. If you are playing tight, this should be enough to get them to back off of the hands that you are in. Make the continuation bet, but also fire on the turn as though you have a hand. Even the most aggressive of players will step back when a tight player continues to fire on the turn of a hand that they have raised on.

Another move that you can make against an aggressive opponent is by calling down the pre flop raise and the flop bet and then fire away on the turn. The board is really of no consequence when playing against an aggressive player as they will play just about any two cards. This is more of a feel move that you have to make based on when you think they are truly weak. If nothing more than a value bet was placed on the flop, it could be a green light to make your move.

This is something that you are going to have to be committed to from the very start and regardless of what the turn brings, you fire away like you just made a set. If the board was on a flush or straight draw and you are isolated, it actually works in your favor as tight players will usually only bet when they have it and firing right away gives the impression that you have made your hand and could care less what they are holding.

An aggressive player can be a nightmare unless you can tame them. You are going to be out of position against them half the time and if you show them that you can be walked over, they will do it every chance that they get. In order to keep your stack, you are going to have to fight fire with fire and get them to back off when you are in hands or you are doing nothing more than making a donation to their kid’s college fund.


Poker online bonuses are generally considered very important by players, when it comes to choosing a poker room to play at, and quite rightfully so. By signing up to an online poker room which offers a generous bonus and a easy redemption method, a player can effectively cut back on the rake he pays to the room while playing. Mind you, every bonus has to be redeemed (unlocked) before it actually hits your real money account, usually by generating about $10 rake for every dollar of the bonus.

In addition to that, there are other terms, that will influence the overall quality of the bonus. Some bonuses never expire, others however, have a set period of validity (usually a month or 30 days) If you fail to unlock the entire amount during that time, you’ll lose it all. Some bonuses are redeemable in set chunks ($10, $50) at a time, others will only be credited to you once you unlock the whole amount.

Bonus hunting is not a simple thing, especially in light of the fact that the biggest bonus is not always the most advantageous one from the regular player’s perspective. One approach recommended to bonus hunting is to open about 6 separate accounts at different poker rooms and aim for redeeming the bonuses as quickly as possible. As long as you work for your bonus, you’ll be playing with reduced rake. The only fault of the bonus system is, that it doesn’t encourage players to continue playing after they have redeemed their bonuses. Some bonus whoring experts recommend that you move on as soon as you have your bonus in your real money account. This move hardly serves the interests of the poker room, as it’ll lose players as soon as they get their hands on the bonus. Experts recommend that you cash out as soon as you’ve reached the objective and open another account at a different room where you can once again play for the bonus with reduced rake.

Some poker rooms have come up with feeble attempts to stop player migration in the shape of reload bonuses, but at a closer look those don’t really make any sense. Who would want to reload? Player who bust out. In consequence, reload bonuses only encourage losers to gi ve it another go, but they fail to attract the most valuable type of player: the winner.

If you operate a poker room and you want to keep your acquired players loyal, the answer is simple: Rakeback, cashback or some sort of other rake return setup. With rakeback, the player will play with reduced rake on every single hand he/she plays. The reason to go on to another room, will no longer be there. Most rakeback sites do not deduct bonuses from the rakeback, so as long as they’re working to redeem the bonus, poker players will enjoy a double advantage.

Bottom line is: in order to make the most of your bonus, you need to choose carefully what kind of bonus you’re signing up for. Sing-up and first-deposit bonuses might look very enticing, but they have nothing on rakeback or cashback.


Texas Hold’em Poker– is a favorite game of the professional poker players. Hold’em is played almost in every big European and American casino and though the annual World Series of Poker, WSOP is held in different “categories”, the title of the World Champion gets the winner in Hold’em. There are several years Hold’em appeared in Moscow and in other cities some casinos include it to the list of offered games. To get into the championship, where the first fee is $10,000 and where millions of people from America and all over the world dream to play, the players have to pass several tournaments with less prizes which are called satellites. Such satellites tournaments where several places to WSOP are drawn plus money for the trip, are held by many serious sites for playing online poker (online poker rooms).

Hold’em is played usually by 6-10 player at the poker table. The round plastic disk, called button, which moves before every deal on one player clockwise, defines the dealer’s location. The player on the left hand of the dealer bets blind before the deal, i.e. without seeing his cards, a half of a base bet (small blind), and the next – the full start bet (big blind). In the Moscow’s casinos it is usually $5-$10, though other variants can occur. After that the croupier deals every player, beginning from the small blind, two cards closed and the first round of trade is begun. Let’s point that unlike the stud-poker, the trade goes in the definite way clockwise beginning from the player who sits on the left hand of the dealer. The exception is the first round, before which two players on the left hand of the dealer have made their “blind” bets and the trade is begun by the third player from the dealer.

Every player has by turn, according to his two cards, to decide – whether to fold, i.e. drop his cards without pretending on winning, to call the previous bet, or to raise it. The player whose bet is equal to the previous (for example, in the first circle of trade without raising the bet, who sits on the big blind) can say “check”, confirming his wish to play and unwillingness to raise. After when all the bets are made, i.e. raises are equalized, the rest said “check”, the other players dropped cards, and it can last for several rounds, three cards opened are dealt on the middle of the table and the next circle of trade is begun. These three cards called the flop, are common and belong to all rest players. After this circle of trade which can last for several rounds, the next common opened card is dealt (the turn, or sometimes the fourth street), the next round of trade, and than the fifth common card – river, or the fifth street. After it the last circle of trade is done, showing closed cards and definition of the winner, which gets the whole bank (for the exception of the casino’s percent, which is usually about 3%).

The bet limits depend on the sub-variety of the game (low-limit, pot-limit, no limit), but in the most Moscow’s casinos where Hold’em is played, in money (not tournament) game the rule “the bet raise – not higher than the half of the bank” is spread. It’s impossible to “crush by the large sum” in Hold’em – if you are short of chips with the winning card, to answer the last raise, with the words “all in” the croupier shares the bank into two parts. In one of them, on which you had enough of money you take part, the rest will be divided among the other players. If by this moment you stayed with your opponent alone – “excess” chips are returned to him at once. In the player’s combination any amount of common and closed cards can enter. Naturally, there can’t be more than 5 cards in the combination (usual poker combinations play in the habitual order of seniority). It is an important moment – two, one or none of the player’s closed cards can take part in the combination, and the common number of players can’t exceed five. On the last WSOP on the Hold’em tournament in May 2001 (by the way, with the entrance fee $10 000 and total prize about $6 000 000) on the second day after the screening of more than a half of players, a striking case occurred. After the flop and the turn there were 9-10-J-K of different suits lying on the table. The trade was over, because both residuary players bet all their chips into the bank. One of the players opened his two Q, showing a created street. The second one dropped his closed cards and jumped from the table. When croupier opened the fifth card, one more Q, which gave the street on the table, i.e. draw game, to run down the second player and to inform him of it was impossible. Be careful – even the last card (if you bargain to it, and when it is needed we will discuss later) can change the situation cardinally.

That’s all rules of this amazing game, one of the most exciting varieties of poker, which is considered to be the King of gambling. In the end of the first chapter let’s notice that any poker (besides Caribbean, or Oasis), and also Hold’em, unlike other usual games – the game is between players but not with the casino. Further will be said about the basic principles, strategy and tactics of the game, but you don’t have to forget about the role of psychology. You can’t win without knowing the technique. You can’t win a lot of money without understanding of the opponent’s psychology. Poker is played for money.

“Any two cards can win the bank” – such phrase you can often hear from the Hold’em players. It can’t be wrong, you can really win with anything. Having 2-7 of different suits, you can get on flop, for example, three deuces, and without paired turn and river to win with the strongest hand. However the probability of such event is rather small, and playing all 2-card combinations in a row the total loss will much exceed such casual winnings. Let’s see, with which two cards it is worth to enter the game, and which are worth to drop at once.

As it was mentioned above, unlike 5- -card Stud-Poker, in Hold’em the order of trade is defined by the location of the button and isn’t change during one deal. That’s why the location in the trade is one of the deciding factors of the game, and some cards, which are worth to drop in the early position, are right for playing on the last hands. The later your lead, the more information you have, and poker is the game of information. Of course not full, but information. That’s why, when setting out the basic strategy of the game, we will proceed from the player’s position according to button at the table: when nine players are in the game, four boxes on the left from the button (including binds) are considered to be an early position, the fifth-seventh players – in the middle, the eighth and ninth – in the late position.

In spite of a big difference of card joints in poker there are only 169 variants of start 2-card hands. Of course, we count those cards which are differ only by suit, the same combination, i.e. K of clubs J of clubs equalize to K of hearts J of hearts. If three clubs will come on flop, first of them is more winning, but for those who don’t have a gift of oracle these hands before flop are equivalent. All these 169 variants we can divide into five categories: pairs, neighbor cards, “full of holes” cards, neighbour cards of the same suit and cards “full of holes” of the same suit. If you have a pair, your two cards can be of the same or different suits, be neighbor or to have “a hole” between them in one or several cards. It is obvious that with neighbor cards there are more chances to get the street, the bigger the “hole”, the smaller is this probability. With the cards of the same suits for the flash the size of the “hole” isn’t important, but senior cards are preferable for other reasons.


When you chicken out, you may end up not filling a flush. Somehow it is crucial to have that ability to lose in order to win in online poker.

Most of the time when you think you are in trouble, the other players think they are also in trouble. Trouble situations in poker are actually opportunities to make some money. You will not win by just playing the no-limit winnable cards. What you need to do is push your opponents to the edge and make their trouble situations more troublesome. And of course, make sure you are in less trouble.

You may often lose some hands but not realizing the possible positive outcome of your cards. You often do not take the risk and play poker them because you really do not know where you are in the game. When you get a AQ or QQ during a loose game of holdem then you are in a lot of trouble if you just fix your thoughts on the weakness of the cards. You should consider that the other players who may have suited 2-4 or off suit 7-5 is in deeper trouble.

Always take into consideration that trouble can make you some money.  You need to master handling troublesome situation. Great players can squeeze out some money from the other players during tough poker situations

In Texas holdem for example, you can get some pot equity when everyone is in a trouble situation. When the flop does not help anyone, the one with no pair is in trouble and so is the one who will be playing last. Those who are on the blinds are in deep trouble.  Now the best players will make most out of this mess.

Consider trouble as your winning opportunity as long as you are in lesser trouble compared to the other players around the poker table.


To start with, if you are looking for best online poker you are doing the right thing. If you have some experience in searching Internet most probably you have seen things banners offering you best online poker. The thing is that you can’t trust each banner saying that at a certain site you will be provided with best online poker.

Best online poker is pretty hard to locate, but nevertheless it is possible if you are lucky enough and want to pursue your goal. One of the best ways to figure out where best online poker is available is to go to some virtual casino guide or directory. It is a good choice for several reasons.

First of all casino directories list all web resources which correspond to certain criteria like quality, availability, accessibility, nice design and others. Many factors are taken into account. And whenever people are searching for best poker online they go right to casino guides or directories, depending on what they’ve found first. People involved in making those sites devoted to analysing and listing Internet casinos don’t just compile a list. They check basically each web-site and see what it is all about, if they can add it to their list, if it corresponds to the criteria they’ve come up with.

Also keep in mind that you can find some online reviews of virtual casinos and gambling houses. You can even narrow your search to getting information about best online poker reviews, that will make finding best online poker easier and faster.

Sometimes nice virtual can make you pay for what they offer you. But if you feel like experiencing best online poker most probably you will agree to pay what they are asking. Usually it is really worth it. So good luck in best online poker. You never know when you become a winner.


When you get an Ace King in a round of online poker, what you have is a very strong hand to start with especially when they are suited in a no limit Texas Hold’em. Though you have excellent cards you need the right strategy to play them well and win some chips. It used to be called “Walking Back to Houston” – because as the story goes a lot of Texans would run into AA back in the days when they came to Las Vegas.

Basic Strategy

Ace-King can be a great hand but it will be the worst you can have if you miss the flop or caught on in a wrong position. It is a very difficult hand to play versus multiple opponents but remember that an Ace-King has a strong probability to be the best hand. Either of the card can give you the best pair or a very good kicker.

When you have an Ace-King you need to play strong and take control of the table before the flop. It will be best while there is no resistance. Make use of continuation bets after the flop and take advantage of your position to take away the pot.

Stack size

It is critical to know the stack size of your opponents when playing an Ace-King. The key is to do all in when playing against small stack opponents. This will allow you to take a shot of pot maybe against any other pre-flop raiser or caller.

When you have a deep stack , a pre-flop re-raise will somehow give you a clue of the cards your opponent is holding. Watch out for the re-raise of the opponent who maybe holding a better card than your ace king.


There is a lot of information about the strategies, which can be obtained both online and in print. Every poker variant comes with countless different strategy guides, mostly written by professional poker players.These articles contain countless hints on behaviors during a poker game.But it’s not just the behavior of poker that helps you make a profit. First, every aspiring poker player needs to learn how to play poker online and with that, how to rate the different hands. 

If you do not know that a pair of kings is worth less than a single ace, you will not be able to celebrate success in poker. For poker or successful poker it is important to start with the basics and not expect to win during the first games. This is not to say that you can not win as a beginner without knowledge, but these gains are based only on luck. But in the long run you can only lose in poker. 

Important strategies deserve special attention. There are hardly any people who have not yet heard the term “bluffing”. Bluffing comes from poker, even though it has now become common place. In terms of content, the bluffing can be translated by the term “deceiving”. While trying to implement this strategy, you deceive the opponents to hold a strong hand, but you do not hold a strong hand. In order to finish bluffs successfully, in addition to strong nerves, a good preparation of the bluff is necessary. 

Professional players prepare bluffs very targeted. Sometimes they bluff obviously and can be specifically “caught”. The effect of this strategy is that the less good players should notice very quickly when a bluff takes place. The good player uses this opportunity to pretend he is bluffing with a top-hand. During this turn, the less good players will of course recognize this supposed bluff and go with their own, weaker hands, any amount, since they have recognized a bluff, even if this is none at this moment. 

The good player, if he does it really skillfully and the opponents completely fall for the fake bluff, can win a lot of money and possibly even refer several players to one stroke of the table, in which he wins the entire stack of opponents. There are not a few who have become rich through such maneuvers and even more who had to give up all their belongings with such actions.