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Re-buy tournaments can be a lot of fun, but they can also kill your bankroll of you are not careful. Many poker players get excited about the guarantees and then figure that it is only $x and it’s no big deal as long as they don’t re-buy and add on. The problem is, unless you get very lucky very early you are dooming yourself to failure by playing at a limit that you cannot afford to re-buy at.

The first hour of a re-buy tournament is far from a normal tournament. While you may think you can play conservatively and get away with not re-buying, you are going to be put to a decision time and time again by more aggressive players with huge bankrolls. When you have a $200 bankroll, you cannot play in a $10 re-buy and expect to do well.

You see, the problem is that the people with the large bankrolls have a tendency to treat this as a 5 or 6 buy in event. So in order to be effective, you need to buy into tournaments that you can do the same thing with. Playing $1 and $2 buys ins would be more to your liking.

In most cases, the first hour of play is all about getting your chips in with the best hand and hoping they hold up. Whether you like it or not, you are more than likely going to have someone at your table that is willing to throw their money into the pot every time they play a hand. This is far from a recommendation that you should play that way, you just need to realize that every time you put chips into the middle of the table, you just may have someone come over the top and put you on a decision.

The question is how do you play against this? First and foremost, don’t ever buy into a re-buy tournament unless you can take advantage of the first re-buy right off the bat. You start the tournament with double the chips and if you do manage to double up, you are well on your way to a monster stack.

You also need to plan on purchasing a double add on at the break. Anyone who plans on winning this will be doing an add on and you will fall 4,000 chips behind everyone else in the tourney if you don’t use it. Plan on it! Finally, expect to have to re-buy at least once before the break. That is a total of 6 re-buys that you should plan on paying for.

Now you can start to see how only having enough money for the buy in is a problem. A $10 re-buy should be treated more like a $60 buy in. No while you can play in a $6 tournament with a $200 bankroll, you have no right getting into a $60 tournament. You are going to be playing scared the whole time and we all know that scared money never wins.

In regards to your actual play poker online, keep it the same way you would play normally, just expect to have some extra chips in the pot and definitely expect people to be all in on draws. Since they can re-buy, they are going to have no fear about tossing those chips in there. If you are willing to take a little risk, you can take advantage of this and use it to build a stack. If you get a little unlucky, you can either drop out or buy back in and take another shot.


One of the most frustrating things that you can ever be involved in when you are playing poker online is to be sitting at a table with a bunch of very tight players. If you normally play this way yourself, you will find that big pots are few and far between and minutes seem like hours as you grind out the day. When you come across this type of table, you have to look at it as a money making opportunity instead of an annoyance and get the play to loosen up.

To do this, you are going to have to change up your game. If you have read anything about online poker, you know that you cannot play the same way all the time. In this case, you are going to have to start to force action to get this table going again.

Early on, you will probably find that you are able to pick up a lot of blinds. This will be especially true if you have a tight image yourself. The other players are going to think that you have just caught a run of cards stay out of your way. The only way you are going to get action is if someone actually gets a big hand.

After you have stolen a few pots, it is time to stir up the table a little bit. You need to look at that money as a stake and now you are going to use it to get the action rolling. While you are stealing all of these hands, you can now show one. This is going to get under the skin of some of the players and they will start to wonder how often you have been doing this.

While that one time may not get the table rolling, it will at least put the though in their heads. You of course will do the same thing the very next time that you steal another hand. Play rags and show them. Now you are going to have the bait set and it is time to spring the trap. This is where that small donation comes in.

You are pretty much assured that the next raise that you make is going to put at least one person over the edge. Make it small enough to not risk too much of the profits that you have made. You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste.

The effect of this is going to have more people jumping into hand with cards that they would not normally play. Now while everyone else has suddenly loosened up their game, you go back to playing tight and wait on the hook.

When that big hand comes around, you are going to get paid off. The last impression that everyone has of you is that you are bluffing like a madman. Now you have a hand and you play it the same way that you played those bluffs. You fire and hope someone comes right back over the top of you to get you off of your hand and then you drop the hammer. Do that a couple of times and you can go right back to stealing blinds and limpers as everyone tightens up again.


There you are, sitting in the Texas Holdem poker tournament as a short stack with the increasing blinds being your enemy. In order to survive and wind up further in the tourney, you have only one option…lingering. When mixed in with a little luck, the following suggestions can help you survive linger mode and rebuild to a contending chip stack at online poker table.

Make a late position push

So the blinds just passed you buy, and you got bullied worse than a ginger kid in a schoolyard. This is the ideal time to make a push. If all hands before you are folded and you are sitting in late position with a marginal-to-solid hand, then this is an opportune time to go over the top. The odds are very likely that the remaining players will not wake up with a legitimate hand to call an all in. Blinds are officially stolen, and you have just increased your chip stack dramatically without sweating the board. Also, if there is a call on your late position all-in, then you are almost sure to be entering the flop as a 60/40 underdog. Hey, life sucks as a short stack, and a 40/60 isolation is a great option for you at this time.

Isolate against the aggressive player

The best thing to do in any tournament is to study the table and recognize tendencies. Attempt to figure out who is playing tight versus aggressive. The information you gather early on is what could save you if or when you become the short stack. The ideal victim to exploit as a short stack is the overly aggressive guy. Most tables have this type of player, where they like to raise preflop in order to steal some blinds. If you wind up with hole cards that should be two lives, for example suited connectors, then this would be a great time to do a little gambling. The price gives you the best option in getting back in the tournament, where you will be isolated against a loose cannon and able to add in the blinds if you win the hand.

Don’t get cute

Being cute may work for a girl who wants free drinks, but you’re the short stack. There is nothing cute in your position, so now isn’t the time to attempt anything. If you get a solid hand, then push. You are the short stack, and the table is hovering over you like vultures. Chances are you will be getting called in an ideal situation, as a favorite. By getting cute and disguising your hand, you are risking hands coming into the pot that generally should not be involved. Too many hands will turn your favorite into another marginal hand. Isolate with the push and hope that it holds up.


Poker is a real man’s game, the pressure the action the thrills – it isn’t game for genteel ladies…is it?

Starting off with a fact, there are fewer women pro poker players than men, not that there is some equal opportunities tribunal you can see about that. Also it’s not as if poker has a glass ceiling, if you want to play, you can play and if you want to progress, nobody stopping you but yourself.

Poker may be a male dominated sport but there are also plenty of talented women in poker who are up there breaking straights, wining pots and stealing hearts as the go.

Some guys say “girls just can’t play poker these guys should get back in their time machine and return to the 1950’s.

In actual fact female sharks are the toughest and scariest online poker players, anyone who thinks lacking testicles is the same as lacking balls, doesn’t know much about the fairer sex.

While men tend to be the more aggressive players than women that doesn’t mean every woman you play with is a fold waiting to happen, that can be bullied out of every hand a casual toss of chips.

Today more female players then ever before, are learning to play the game, turning professional and going head-to-head (and hand to hand) with the world’s best male players.

When you think of “typical” female attributes, patience cool common sense, female intuition not to mention a vicious streak that would make a snake blush, does that not sound the bones of a great poker player?

Though poker is male dominated there are also a number of real talented women in pro poker who have been taking first place at big tournaments women like  Annie Duke, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Tilly, Clonie Gowen, Tina Wallman and many many  more…

A female player also has two big advantages over any guy at the table, please feel free to insert your own “Good Pair” joke here…

Despite the fact that there are few things more desirable to the average poker Joe as a beautiful woman, with a stack of chip who looks like she’s holding the nuts, don’t make the cardinal sin o thinking that a good looking girl at the table is just there for eye Candy.


Poker is a game of personalities. There’s a lot of psychology involved. So much, in fact, that many people are uncomfortable with it. Always, it is players who are able to read other people, assess their strengths and exploit their weaknesses who succeed in online poker. In poker, it is not really the hands that count, but the players who hold them. You play poker online the player, not the cards.

Here are some things you can do with the “human” element in the game to improve your chances of winning.

Poker action moves from right to left. It is therefore advantageous for you to make friends with the player on your left side. If this player is anything less than a complete professional, they will be inclined to raise you less. They may also respect your bets more. Soft playing may be unethical, but if you can get it out of somebody, why not?

Speaking of slow playing, a word must be said about gender differences. A lot of men tend to soft play against a woman at the poker table. Others take the opposite direction and try to bully a woman more than they would other men, just because she is a woman. If you are a woman, do not be shy about taking advantage of it either way. Use whatever works for you. If you think a man is a sucker for a woman or just mister nice guy, good for you. One less serious opponent to worry about. Likewise, if a man is picking on you for a fight, use it to lure them into a trap when you are dealt a monster.

It is the same if you are a man playing against a woman. It is often said that average women play tighter poker than average men. Women tend to be more predictably cautious. This makes them “better” players in the sense that they gamble less with their money. If you are a man and find such a predictable woman, you are free to use your knowledge to bully her out of the pot. This may sound mean to some guys and it is up to you to be rough or to soft play. But if you are playing poker for money, you have to put emotions aside and be a cutthroat competitor.

Note that the male and female classes are not the only ones you can take advantage of. You can manipulate another player’s youth and inexperience, for example. You can play them based on how much money they have. If you sense they have a big ego, you know they can go on tilt once they suffer a humiliating bad beat. If you are a charming person, you can use that to win their trust and get them to soft play you. It’s all the same thing. You use their weakness against them, whatever it is. That’s poker.


Seven card stud poker is played as part of the World Series of Poker and is one of the games played during multi-format H.O.R.S.E tournaments. now Its available on many online poker rooms also.

How to Play Seven Card Stud Poker

At the beginning, each player is dealt three cards, two face down and one face up. Players then check their face down cards before the first round of betting commences. The player who holds the lowest face up card, makes a compulsory contribution to the pot to start the first round of betting. Thereafter, the order of play for each round of the game is determined by which player shows the strongest poker hand at the beginning of the round.

There are a maximum of five rounds of betting in each game. Following the first deal and round of betting, the dealer will deal each player another face up card, followed by another round of betting.

Each player is then dealt a fifth card. A round of betting takes place before the sixth face up card is dealt to each player. Following the fourth round of betting the remaining players are dealt their final card face down. A final round of betting takes place before the showdown which sees the remaining players compare hand strengths.

Players have four options open to them during each of the five rounds of betting in a game:

• Players may call a bet by paying an amount into the pot equal to the last bet placed by a participating player.

• A player may raise during any stage of a round of betting by placing a bet in the pot. Subsequent players must call or raise this bet to remain in the game.

• A player may check during a round of betting if no other players have wagered a bet during the round and the player does not wish to place any bet.

• If a player feels that their hand is too weak to compete with those of other players they may fold at any stage, turning all their cards face down and returning them to the dealer.

Seven card stud poker can be played in a variety of formats. However, a game limiting the amount of money bet in each round is preferred by most players.


Three card poker is one of the ancient games in the world with its origins tracing back to medieval china.All three card poker tables offer two games: ‘pair plus and ante’ and ‘play’ which are marked on the table in front of each seat, and players can choose to play poker either of the games.

Playing Three Card Poker for Beginners – Pair Plus

This is the simplest of the two, Three Card Poker games. Before being dealt a hand, the player places a bet in the space marked ‘pair plus’ on the poker table. The dealer then deals three cards to the player, and the player checks these cards.

If the player holds a winning hand this is rated on the pay table, and the player’s return is paid out accordingly. Although the dealer has also dealt cards, which are used to play against other hands or the ante and play bets, the dealer’s hand has no effect on the outcome of a Pair Plus game, which is often favoured by players wishing to hedge their ante and play bets, or to take advantage of the higher odds paid out on winning hands.

Playing Three Card Poker for Beginners – Ante and Play

To play ante and play, a player must place an ante or opening bet on the table. The dealer then deals three cards. Once the cards are dealt the player has the opportunity to check the cards for a hand.

If the player is satisfied with the hand, a further bet can be placed. The dealer’s cards are then shown to the player and the stronger hand wins. To qualify for a hand, the dealer must show at least one queen or higher. If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s bet is returned and the ante is paid out 1:1.

If the dealer’s hand beats that of the player, the player gives up both bet and ante. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s the player’s bet and ante are both paid out 1:1. If both dealer and player’s hands are of equal value, the player’s bet and ante are refunded.


Online poker is considered to be poker with the advantage of being online . This is not true and online poker is just not about being it a game without faces seen. Its much more than that. Lets go through some of the basic tips.

Working of online poker:

Online poker’s interface though looks like a real poker table, its not the same how it works. Usually poker online interfaces have a time limit set to them for the players to have their turn. This makes the players decide faster. This makes the player loose their grip over the game and hence may loose the hold of a success. While if the player is someone who can decide faster, then the player will have an edge over his/her competitors.

Environment in the scene:

There are serious player competing in the online poker sites. But more than 70 percent of them are non serious players. There are only around 27 percent players who seriously play game and have their benefits. The other remaining percentage is either novice who don’t even know the rules of the game and just join to learn something new. The rest are people who know the rules but do not concentrate on their game. Therefore people who are there to learn something new get their attitudes spoiled due to the fact that they keep loosing by the 27 percent players who are serious and beat the new comers in almost every game. They loose till getting exhausted by the game and loosing their hope.

Reminders to keep in mind when playing online poker:

Since you cannot see the faces of the players its necessary that you remain concentrated and take notice about all the actions your competitors do as this can say a lot about the other players on the table. Ex. A lot of raising can suggest that the person is someone who can bluff very easily. Therefore online poker is much about faster decisions and better handling of the virtual relationships and noticing every little detail in the action.


Kill pots form an essential part of live & online poker game. The phrase to ‘kill a pot’ basically signifies the act of putting an over blind that serves the purpose of raising the limit of betting allowed. A kill is basically used in the event when a player wants to be included into the game right away instead of following the conventional path and awaiting a chance to receive the major blind. There are a number of kinds of kills in poker. The term ‘half kill’ refers to raising the betting limit by one and a half portions of its actual size. That is, the betting limit is increased to one and a half times more than its original size. When a player is said to have made a ‘full kill’ it means that the amount of the bet is increased to double its size, that is, the kill is twice the size of the amount in the pot that was set as the original bet. Placing a kill in the game is not mandatory. It is an optional move that is made at the behest of the player and can occur anytime during the length of the game, depending upon the need for it. In games which involve a high-low split, if a player wins a pot amount that is higher than the decreed size, he or she is obliged to kill the next pot that occurs in the game. During such games a “kill button” is used. A “kill button” can be understood to be an indicator used for representing the player who gains a victory over the others by bagging the pot. This “kill button” is kept with the particular player until the closure of the hand, and for example at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas you’ll see it out quite often. There are some cases in which the player in possession of the “kill button” goes on to win the pot in the following round as well. If this is the case the player continues to hold the kill button provided it fits into the financial capabilities of the person, and then the player is expected to kill the consecutive pot as well.

There are a number of rules governing the role and use of kill pots in poker. One of these rules states that under certain conditions, the kill button itself is a neutral device that is not the specific possession of any one player. This rule is valid provided that the button is being used in the initial hand of a game that is only just beginning or if the person who won the kill button in a round prior to the current one has folded his hand and chosen to leave the game or if one of the prior rounds of the game there was no particular winner and the pot itself was divided up amongst the players. Under the prevalence of these three situations, the kill button is treated as a property of the establishment and not a player, and can be won and claimed by the players in the subsequent course of the game.


You will see an increasing number of tournaments being tagged as “shorthanded”.  These shorthanded tournaments will only have six players as the maximum for a online poker table instead of the traditional ten. This kind of tournament will require you to adjust and use a different skill set to make sure you rake in some chips.

Playing loose and fast

Do not even think that you can play slow in shorthanded tournament. The name of the game is playing it fast and playing it loose. The blinds will be going on a quicker pace. Since you have only six players, 1/3 of the time you will be force to put something into the pot while on a traditional tournament the blinds will be forced onto you 1/5 of the time. Patience is out of the window for shorthanded tournaments since it will also not be a profitable attitude.


Playing a shorthanded tournament exposes you to a wider set of starting cards. Unlike ring games, you cannot wait for premium starting hands. You really don’t have to think that your opponents will have premium cards. The chance that other players will have pocket aces is also lower. So, some cards that you don’t want to play on a full table can be playable on a shorthanded table.

Learn some foreplay

You have to change what is in your mind right now after reading that subheading. Seriously now, with shorthanded games you can play poker online a bit passive at first to get a feel of how the other players on the table handle their cards. As quickly as you can, extract some more information so you can also play the player. This way you also don’t reveal too much about your game very early in the tournament.

Size Matters

When you are able to build a good stack. Play hard and exploit the smaller stacked players. This is a critical mindset if you want to win a shorthanded tournament.